STCC Bike Month Facts #5 Bike Frisco

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Welcome to National Bike Month!  Cyclists around the US take the entire month of May each year to celebrate, promote and demonstrate all the wonderful benefits of being on your bicycle.  Whether you use your bike for transportation, fitness or … Read More

STCC Bike Month Facts #4 Women in Cycling

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Women have played a significant role in the growth of popularity of cycling.  Tied in time to the Women’s Suffrage Movement, the bicycle came to highlight the movements focus on women’s freedom.  Today’s cyclists, men and women, owe a great … Read More

STCC Bike Month Facts #3 BikeMS

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For our third installment, given that the BikeMS Roundup Ride takes off from Dr Pepper Ballpark on Saturday, its only appropriate to look back at how the BikeMS rides began and how the one in Frisco has fared over the … Read More

STCC Bike Month Facts #2 The Colony

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The Colony This is a relatively quiet community that has a growing cycling presence.  Sitting on Lewisville Lake and out of the way of most major bike routes, most cyclists outside the city don’t even know its there.  Shawnee Trail … Read More

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