Are you a Bicycle Friendly Driver?

BICYCLE FRIENDLY DRIVER! Its finally here!  A class on cycling safety from the motor vehicle driver perspective.   Its not because motorists are intentionally trying to harm cyclists, but because most on the road don’t know what those on bicycles are … Read More

STCC on Zwift

How about a ride where you can wear your earbuds, ride a fixie, stay in your aerobars and not wear a helmet?   Or maybe you need a helmet.  Zwift is pretty realistic and sometimes you’ll find yourself leaning going around … Read More

Education: Smart Cycling

In order to further our club’s mission of education, Shawnee Trail Cycling Club is offering the opportunity to improve your cycling skills and knowledge.  Learn how to conduct bicycle safety checks, fix a flat, some new on-bike skills and crash … Read More

Rides, Races and More

  Welcome to our Rally and Race Calendar.  This list contains only those events that have been confirmed.  New to this year, we’ve added our special event Club Rides, along with Gravel and MTB events.    For reference, we have also … Read More

Rocky Road Gravel Ride

Wheels Down: 7:00am Distance: 40 miles, 25 miles Ride Leaders: Will Braat, Paul Wilhelm, Jody Wissing » Ride Queries » Club Waiver Policy » Write a Review

Ride Choices for a Good Day Out

If you’re new to cycling and, better yet new to group rides, you’re likely to experience some level of anxiety when choosing a ride. We’ve all been in that position at some time in our life. You don’t know the … Read More

STCC Bike Month Facts #15 Tour de Cure

Tour de Cure Cycling events have become a major source of fundraising for research to cure afflictions that affect millions.  One of these afflictions that impacts so many is diabetes.  We’ve asked our friends involved in the local effort to … Read More

STCC Bike Month Facts #13 Brakes

Brakes We all love to GO. Isn’t that why you got your bicycle in the first place? GO to lose weight. GO to get fit. GO to the store. GO fast. GO, GO, GO… But, at some point, you have … Read More

STCC Bike Month Facts #11 Bike Lanes

Bike Lanes Bike lanes are defined as “a portion of the roadway which has been designated by striping, signing and pavement marking for the preferential or exclusive use by bicyclists”.   There is much debate, even in the cycling community … Read More

STCC Bike Month Facts #9 Cycling Shorts

Cycling Shorts Do you know why cycling shorts have historically been black? If you’ve ever been out on the road with a flat or other mechanical problem and walk away with grease, oil and dirt all over your hands – … Read More

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