STCC Bike Month Facts #15 Tour de Cure

Tour de Cure

Cycling events have become a major source of fundraising for research to cure afflictions that affect millions.  One of these afflictions that impacts so many is diabetes.  We've asked our friends involved in the local effort to send a few words your way.  Their passion for the cause is obvious and sincere.  One very interesting thing that the organizers have done is the formation of the Red Riders team.  This team of cyclists all suffer from diabetes.  Diabetes brings some severe training challenges to those cyclists suffering from diabetes, and riding with a group of your peers provides support, understanding and visibility to the cause.  This is one more avenue to introduce those to cycling that would normally have great difficulty in enjoying this wonderful activity.  A big thank you to the folks at the ADA for their promotion.  This is a great ride that has grown tremendously since its inception in 2007.

The American Diabetes Association’s Tour de Cure first came to DFW in 2007. That year 195 cyclists took to the rural North Texas roads and raised nearly $100,000 to fund diabetes research, education and advocacy. Tour de Cure is a nationwide series of cycling events located in 80 cities throughout the country. Over the past 6 years the DFW Tour de Cure has grown dramatically and gets better every year! In 2012 we had 1,001 cyclists and we raised over $450,000!

Unfortunately, the diabetes epidemic is growing just as fast.

Today, the State of Texas is home to more than 2 million men, women and children with diabetes; over half a million of which reside in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Sadly, the Lone Star State has received more than its share of the diabetes epidemic. While our national average is 8.3%, a disproportionate 9.7% of Texans have diabetes.

Too many of us are at risk. That diabetes is our sixth leading cause of death is a grim reminder of just how serious this deadly disease and its resulting complications truly are.

Diabetes also threatens Texas’s financial health. The annual economic cost of diabetes to the state is estimated to be $29 billion. On average, people with diabetes have medical expenditures more than double that of people without the disease. Annually, direct medical costs attributed to diabetes in Texas exceed $20 billion.

Without doubt, today’s diabetes problem is very serious, but it is the future that’s truly frightening. Some experts project the total number of diabetes cases in Texas will increase to nearly 3 million by 2040. Others believe these estimates to be far too conservative, suggesting that as early as 2025 Texan diabetics will number 4 million, by which time the Dallas/Fort Worth area may be home to a million people with diabetes.

Yes, there's a new venue this year.  Come be a part of creating a better future by joining us for the 2017 DFW Tour de Cure @ Southfork Ranch and help make this our biggest year ever! We have routes of 65, 30, 15 and 5 miles; all of which start from the landmark Southfork Ranch. Learn more and register today.

Learn more about the diabetes, nutrition, healthy living and the American Diabetes Association’s programs and events at,


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