Route Reviews, Safety First

Prior to the Covid time, STCC had implemented a Ride Review Committee to review route changes proposed for our weekly rides.  Since that time, We’ve now transitioned to empowering our ride leaders to design their own routes, offering greater flexibility … Read More

Cambria Hotels Plano Frisco, New Platinum Sponsor

We welcome Cambria Hotels Plano Frisco and their manager your fellow member Mariana Kerr as our newest Platinum Sponsor.  Its so refreshing to have one of our own want to invest in this organization and support the many many good … Read More

STCC Bike Month Facts #6 Local Bike Shop

Your Local Bike Shop The most important resource that you have as you enjoy cycling, hands down, is the relationship you develop with your Local Bike Shop (LBS). These are the people that helped you pick out the bike you’ve … Read More

STCC Bike Month Facts #10 Ride Smart

Ride Smart A car hits a cyclist. The first inclination of any of us that share the passion of cycling is to blame the driver. In truth, some of the accidents can be blamed on the motorist; on the phone, … Read More

Let’s RoaR with the Family!

  After a putting out a full schedule of family rides in 2020, that eventually were cancelled due to the pandemic, STCC is now pushing forward with our plans to expand our Group and Road Riding class (GRO) to a … Read More

Dr Christoforetti, Virtual Visit Room

We recently had the opportunity to get a tour of the offices of our Platinum Sponsor, Dr John Christoforetti and over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing some tidbits about his practice, the offices and the very unique approach … Read More

Cranky Tuesday Returns!

#crankytuesday has RETURNED!  We have pace groups taking off from the same start parking lot.  We have fallback points for some of the groups.  We have groups returning to the lot at about the same time.  Does all this sound … Read More

The new STCC Brand

Over the last year, our apparel design committee has been hard at work not only delivering the new STCC kit that we have been seeing all over our ride, but also developing other exciting ideas. Throughout their work, they have … Read More

Why a Club Supported Group Ride? Things to consider

In recent years, there has been a trend of using social media sites like Facebook, Meetup, Twitter and other platforms to organize rides and social gatherings for cyclists.  This has been a boon to cycling and no one would want to discourage frien…

Community Donation Update

We wanted to give you an update on our community donations.   Thanks to the impact of the Covid pandemic on the world of manufacturing, things have been running a little behind for the 2020 deliveries.  All of the repair stands … Read More

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