STCC News!

Cambria Hotels Plano Frisco, New Platinum Sponsor

We welcome Cambria Hotels Plano Frisco and their manager your fellow member Mariana Kerr as our newest Platinum Sponsor.  Its so refreshing to have one of our own want to invest in this organization and support the many many... Read More

STCC Bike Month Facts #6 Local Bike Shop

Your Local Bike Shop The most important resource that you have as you enjoy cycling, hands down, is the relationship you develop with your Local Bike Shop (LBS). These are the people that helped you pick out the bike... Read More

STCC Bike Month Facts #10 Ride Smart

Ride Smart A car hits a cyclist. The first inclination of any of us that share the passion of cycling is to blame the driver. In truth, some of the accidents can be blamed on the motorist; on the... Read More

Let’s RoaR with the Family!

  After a putting out a full schedule of family rides in 2020, that eventually were cancelled due to the pandemic, STCC is now pushing forward with our plans to expand our Group and Road Riding class (GRO) to... Read More