Education: Smart Cycling

In order to further our club’s mission of education, Shawnee Trail Cycling Club is offering the opportunity to improve your cycling skills and knowledge.  Learn how to conduct bicycle safety checks, fix a flat, some new on-bike skills and crash avoidance techniques.   The Smart Cycling class is part of a curriculum offered by the League of American Bicyclists is being taught by our own League Certified Instructor (LCI).

This class is delivered in two sections.

Section 1

The first an online presentation that should answer most of the questions you have (and some you don't) to prepare you to get your bike on the road. This section has an open book exam at the end to test the knowledge you've gathered.

Section 2

The second section is hands on, "on your bike" where you get to demonstrate your skills and get some great advice and help from our qualified instructor.

You can take Section 1 online anytime and attend Section 2 as we schedule them to complete your course requirements.  Watch for announcements as these are put on the calendar.

This is a GREAT way to get some additional knowledge for any of the wonderful rides you might have planned this year!

This two day class provides a wealth of information and will go a long way to making each of us a safer and more knowledgeable cyclist.  For those that want even more, this class is a stepping stone requirement to becoming a League Certified Instructor (LCI).  Each class is open to all, members and non-members alike!

This class is recommended for all adults and children over the age of 14

Class Cost and Registration

The cost is only $20 per person, and can be paid through our club store.  This covers both sections.

Register Here


Watch our calendar and our Facebook page for announcements regarding upcoming classes.


Section 1: Online Only

Section 2: CTEC Parking Lot.

Class Itinerary

Section 1 Online

The first section is completely online, with topics including the Principles of Traffic Law, Bike Handling Skills and Traffic Skills.

Section 2 In Person, On the Bike

The second section is completely “on the bike”.  You will demonstrate, among other things, the ability to ride in a straight line, steer smoothly and look over the shoulder for traffic without wobbling.

Once you have completed Section 1, visit the link below and register a spot for Section 2.  Each class is limited in size.

Registration Section 2

You’ll learn the recommended methods for:

  • selecting proper lane position for wide, normal and narrow lanes.
  • use correct hand signals to indicate intended movement
  • passing parked cars
  • riding and turning across intersections
  • rock dodge
  • instant turn
  • quick stop

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  1. Michael

    I registered for the Traffic 101 class. How do I find out where to go for the online. Am I supposed to get an email, or login code or proof of purchase, etc.

    Ready to do the online portion just don’t have the info.


  2. Jeffory

    Same question as Michael!

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