Traffic Skills 101 Part II Class Schedule

So, you've taken the online part of Traffic Skills 101, passed with flying colors and are ready for the outdoor test!

Part II will be held at CTEC, on the southwest corner of Wade and Ohio in Frisco.  Class size is limited to 10, so please register to reserve your spot.

Traffic Skills 101 Part II Registration

You'll need to bring,

  • Your bike
  • Cycling shoes
  • Helmet
  • Proof of registration and completion of class Section 1

Regardless of your experience level, you'll be guaranteed to walk away with something new from the experience.  Whether that's learning how to do the emergency stop, to make an emergency turn to minimize or avoid a collision with crossing traffic, or finding out how good your bike control is with the weave - you'll be a better prepared cyclist as you leave.


Part II Schedule

Date                  Time

May 21, 2017                  11am-3pm

  1. Fran Hewes

    still waiting for part 2 class. fran hewes took and passed part one months ago.

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