Ride Updates

So many things have changed, just in past 3 months.   We have come from the depths of the pandemic to something very hopeful and manageable.  There are enough vaccinated individuals now that many mandates have been lifted and we are getting some of the freedom back that we had before.  In that vein, STCC has gradually been removing our Covid-specific restrictions on our rides and events.  We felt it a good idea to give an update on where we are today with our rides.

Lessons Learned

On the positive side of things, we implemented an online waiver process.  Not only did this greatly minimize the amount of paper we had to deal with, but it gave us that all important contact tracing capability that was used when the inevitable happened, a positive case of Covid-19 by one of our participants.  We were able to quickly reach out to those on their ride and notify them of possible exposure.

Way Forward

We are continuing the use for now of our ride model.  We have a number of Ride Leaders that are willing to take groups and have defined multiple start locations.  During this time each Ride Leader will control the route, the distance and the day and time of the rides, so us on FaceBook for announcements.

Some bullet points for the rides:

  • 25 participants per group MAX, counting the Ride Leaders.  For Ride Leaders that choose a group size greater than 16, a secondary Ride Leader is required to be known before registration for that group opens to all.
  • Participants must pre-register in advance for their group.  This is still done through our club store.  The Ride Leader will include a link to register in their ride announcement.  Registrants will be checked off at the ride start.  If you aren't on the list, you will politely be turned away.
  • STCC Members Only.  For the time being, these rides will be limited to those with a current STCC Membership
  • There will be NO on-site registration.  Anyone showing at the site that has not pre-registered will be turned away.  A caveat here is that if there is a spot open on the ride, you can register at that time on the website.
  • There will be NO planned drop back options on these rides.  Although our rides will remain no-drop, if a person makes a bad decision on a ride (wrong pace, wrong distance, etc) they will be expected to have a contact for pickup.  Group will make sure they’re ok and have made that contact, but we will not require the group to give up the ride they came for.
  • Participants are required to carry a mask.  As some businesses still require masks for entry, we do ask that you have a mask in your possession before you leave the lot with us.
  • As always, if you are experiencing any symptoms of infectious disease, DO NOT TRY TO RIDE WITH A GROUP!

Personal Responsibility

Regardless of all the precautions taken, no activity is risk free.   It is up to each of us to take our own situation into account, along with our general comfort level with group riding, to decide if this is for you.  Shawnee Trail Cycling Club puts your safety first.  We will always be here for you when you do reach that comfort level.

The information on this page may change periodically as we navigate through all the new things, so visit often!

Current Planned Rides

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