Route Reviews, Safety First

Prior to the Covid time, STCC had implemented a Ride Review Committee to review route changes proposed for our weekly rides.  Since that time, We've now transitioned to empowering our ride leaders to design their own routes, offering greater flexibility for all.  The current process offers greater flexibility in routes, distances and start locations for our Ride Leaders and has been very well received by our members.

To maintain safety and consistency, we've once again started reviewing existing routes to identify potentially dangerous or unlawful sections. We'll suggest alternative paths to ride leaders as needed and removing routes that have bad sections. Moving forward, all routes will be reviewed upon submission or modification. Look for the "approvedforSTCC" tag when registering.

No means No!

When the sign says no bicycles allowed, avoid that road

How many vehicles pass, and at what speed?

We use tools like to study traffic from actual rides to help determine safer routes for our participants

What is the STCC mission?

The mission of the Shawnee Trail Cycling Club (STCC) is to be a community-focused organization dedicated to promoting the sport of cycling for fitness, recreation, and as an alternative, energy-efficient mode of transportation.

We aim to achieve this by:

  • Supporting a variety of cycling disciplines: This includes recreational road and mountain biking, gravel, and commuting.
  • Encouraging safe and responsible cycling: We emphasize following traffic laws and educating cyclists on best practices.
  • Promoting cycling advocacy: We work to increase the visibility and acceptance of cycling within the community.

Overall, STCC strives to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for cyclists of all ages and abilities, while also advocating for the benefits of cycling as a healthy and sustainable form of transportation.

For questions, comments and suggestions, please contact the STCC Ride Coordinator at rideboss@stcycling. Thank you for your involvement in making STCC rides safe and enjoyable!

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