Ride Leader Recognition

Your STCC Board of Directors is giving you an opportunity to recognize your favorite Ride Leader. Beginning in September, we’ll be recognizing a different Ride Leader every month, with a “Ride Leader of the Year” coming from those monthly selections.

Being a Ride Leader with Shawnee Trail Cycling Club is ALL volunteer.  A job that people take on because they want to contribute to the safety of our rides and the growth of our club.  If you take the time to watch on your ride, you’ll quickly see how this can sometimes feel like a thankless job.

What makes a good Ride Leader?  Check our web page What is a Shawnee Trail CC Ride Leader that outlines what the STCC Ride Leader is and does. 

Submit your entry by following the link below.  This is not necessarily going to the RL that “gets the most votes”, but one determined by the Board to have made the most impact on our rides and participants, or has done something exceptional.

The more detail you can provide, the better.  Your name will not be published (unless you do it), but it may be used to contact you for more information.

3 Responses

  1. Myke

    Giving a shout out to Mark Baker. Not only he has a commanding voice but he also makes everyone feel welcome and relaxed with his outgoing personality. His ride leader skills are up there and he leads by example. Aside from being a great ride leader, he also takes the time to teach the rules so everyone becomes a better rider.

  2. Susan Dianto

    I have been riding w Mike Dwyer for several years now. He was the ride leader on my very first bridge ride and many rides since. He is a consistently strong leader, always looking out for the safety of the riders, able to wrangle any size group, while also keeping it fun. He is also great about encouraging riders to stretch themselves out of their comfort zone. If this were his real job, I would recommend a raise and a bonus!

  3. Julie Martin

    All o&thenride eladers are awesome.
    I would nominate Tony for ride leader of the month. He runs a great ride. Also let’s everyne know who the ride leaders in the group are and always checks on the riders that may be having a problem. He does all of this with a smile..

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