Rocky Road Gravel Ride

Rocky RoadWheels Down: 7:00am
Distance: 40 miles, 25 miles
Ride Leaders: Will Braat, Paul Wilhelm, Jody Wissing
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Ride Rating 11 (C), 9(D)

To help you make the “good choice” when selecting a Shawnee Trail Cycling Club ride, we have made an attempt to rate each ride based on a combination of factors.  We have selected what we consider the most important criteria, including pace, distance and terrain.

Please take into account that these ratings are based on someone of average fitness.  If your fitness is above or below the average participant, you may find these rides much easier or far more difficult to complete.

For example when looking at the Saturday CPS C pace group, it has a pace of C (3) + a distance of 45mi (4) + rolling hills throughout the ride (5) for a total overall rating of 12


Founded: 2017

Founders: Rich Waldschmidt, Joel Hoback

In 2017, there were a number of STCC members that regularly participated in local gravel rides and rally's, as well as more extensive gravel oriented events like RAT.  To provide members access to the resources and to expose others new to this aspect of the sport, we decided to offer a once a month gravel ride.


Shawnee Trail’s first foray into the world of organized gravel rides, the Rocky Road is a TWICE a month (2nd and 4th Saturday) outing for all those wishing to experience this aspect of cycling.   This ride is not for your regular road bike with 23mm width tires.  The gravel will chew those up and you won't have the stability necessary to remain upright.    We recommend a minimum of 25mm width and larger.  You'll also want to consider a lower inflation setting to make those many bumps a little more tolerable and to lessen the chance of flats.  Many on this ride use regular gravel bikes, cross bikes and mountain bikes.  There are generally two pace groups - one for the more adventurous and another slower pace on a slightly shorter route.

Your bike will get dirty and we can't promise that, at some point, you won't be walking that bike around obstacles.  This is a learning experience for us and you - we'll add more info and suggestions as things develop.  In the meantime, use our Facebook page to ask and answer any questions you may have.  We look forward to seeing you out soon!

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Start Location

The Rocky Road gravel ride will start from the parking lot of Preston Trail Farms north of Celina High School on Preston Rd.  See the map below for an overview of our assigned area.

Be respectful, no trash and park so as not to interfere with anything going on at the park.  Remember, we are guests here.  Only park in the designated areas and don't forget to visit their cafe before and after the ride.

Preston Trail Farms


Notes on these routes: the short route is a beginner’s route and rideable in all weather. The 45 mile route, at course mile 18 the route turns right onto an unrocked road which will likely not be ride-able after a rain. Groups will continue straight on Cobler Rd for 1 mile to Winn Rd. Turn right and rejoin the route in one half mile. The balance of the route should be ride-able in all weather.

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3 Responses

  1. Paul Wilhelm

    Very scenic route, puts a new meaning to country. There is a mixture of fine gravel, broken asphalt, country roads. The 45 mile route is not for the novice although the 25 miler should be doable. Consider this a self-sufficient ride; there is no convenience store or water stop on either route so plan accordingly with water, food, tools, tubes.

  2. wbraat

    1 time update: The October 20 ride will be postponed to October 27. You are encouraged to go to the Spinistry event – on October 20.

  3. Daniel De Hoyos

    I was wondering if I could join as a guest. I’m new to Dallas and want to join a group ride. I have been riding alone and I want to meet people in the cycling community.

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