Community Donation Update

We wanted to give you an update on our community donations.   Thanks to the impact of the Covid pandemic on the world of manufacturing, things have been running a little behind for the 2020 deliveries.  All of the repair stands have been delivered, but we’re still awaiting the arrival of our police bikes.  There’ll be a separate note for them when they arrive.  We’ve made some adjustments in the final locations for the repair stands but are satisfied that these will be used and appreciated in the locations we worked out with the various communities.

All the repair stands are red for high visibility with an accompanying pump to help people make the minor repairs needed for the bicycles to get them home from their rides.   Additionally, each repair stand has a QR Code attached, you can scan it with your phone and it will take you to the Park Tools website to explain in detail many common repairs.

Celina donation: Two repair stands

This was the first STCC delivery to the City of Celina and they were thrilled.   This is a fast-growing city, expected to be the largest in the area after its complete built out.  As part of their growth, the city is working hard on the hike and bike trail system and these repair stands are a nice addition.

The first repair stand has been installed at Old Celina Park in the middle of a heavily used community park and just down the path from the new baseball fields.

The second repair stand will soon be installed along a main hike and bike path thru Light Farms for use by the many residents there and the surrounding communities.

The Colony donation: Two repair stands

Our friends in The Colony had these two repair stands and pumps installed within a couple of days after they were delivered.  They are deliberate and determined when it comes to work with their parks and hike and bike facilities.

The first was a replacement for one our original donations at the trailhead of the Shoreline Trail at The Tribute.  The original was frequented by the many residents and visitors on this trail and it was more than worthwhile to replace this.   The pump on the original repair stand had gone into disrepair and was no longer usable.  The repair stand itself however, is in good shape and its anticipated we’ll pair that with a new pump and repurpose it at another location in The Colony.

The second repair stand and pump have been installed at Ridgepoint Park along the original Shoreline Trail.   Within close proximity of several neighborhoods and right on the trail, this should get a lot of use.

Frisco donation: Three repair stands

2020 offered STCC the opportunity to finish our Firehouse installs with a repair stand and pump targeted for Fire Station #9 on PGA Parkway.  You should now be able to stop close to every fire station in the City of Frisco and make use of a pump and make minor repairs to your bicycle courtesy a donation from STCC.

The second repair stand and pump will be installed at NE Community Park next to the skatepark.   This facility has most every feature someone on a skateboard or BMX bike could ask for, from beginner to advanced users.   With use of those features occasionally comes the need for repairs.   That’s where STCC has stepped in with the repair stand and pump for all to use.

The third repair stand and pump was originally destined as the replacement for the ones stolen from the Frisco MTB Trail.   Those stolen items were replaced by Dorba in order that users of that trail can continue to enjoy the generosity of your clubs donation, so we were tasked with finding another spot.  This repair stand and pump will be installed along the beautiful Cottonwood Creek Trail just west of Legacy.  This provides a repair facility for users of the trail and the surrounding neighborhoods.

Prosper donation: One repair stand

This was the second repair stand/pump donation STCC has made to the Town of Prosper.  Prosper is another fast growing community with a developing Hike and Bike trail system.   The exact location for this has not yet been chosen but there are a number of great options along newly built trails that will all serve the community well.

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