The Bridge

Wheels Down:  Saturdays 7:00am
Distance: 30 miles
Ride Leaders: Amy Puckett
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Ride Rating 9 (D)

To help you make the “good choice” when selecting a Shawnee Trail Cycling Club ride, we have made an attempt to rate each ride based on a combination of factors.  We have selected what we consider the most important criteria, including pace, distance and terrain.

Please take into account that these ratings are based on someone of average fitness.  If your fitness is above or below the average participant, you may find these rides much easier or far more difficult to complete.

For example when looking at the Saturday CPS C pace group, it has a pace of C (3) + a distance of 45mi (4) + rolling hills throughout the ride (5) for a total overall rating of 12


This is a ride designed to "bridge" the pace and skills of the Novice Ride with those required of the CPS. This ride has multiple routes, which all are approximately 30 miles in length. Whether you're doing the "Hills Skills", "Tribute Scoot", "Wall Crawl" or the "Trash Run", you'll have a great day out. The advertised pace for this ride is 13-15mph. No drop, as always. This is an ideal ride to learn and practice safe group riding skills. Watch our calendar, forum and this site for updates and weekly announcements as to which route will be taken.   The Bridge routes are on a consistent rotation of Trash Dash, Tribute Scoot, Wall Crawl, Hill Skills.

We’ll be making one pit stop on each route and then make our way back home.

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Start Location

The Bridge starts from the parking lot of the Frisco ISD Career and Technical Education Center (CTEC), 9889 Wade Blvd, Frisco, Texas.  See the map below for an overview of our assigned area.

Be respectful, no trash and park to the far north side so as not to interfere with anything going on at the center.  Remember, we are guests here.  Only park in the designated areas.

Frisco ISD Career and Technical Education Center

Cycling STCC CTE Start Map


Bridge Routes


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