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All non-members participating in Shawnee Trail Cycling Club (STCC) rides and events are required to sign a waiver prior to participation.  This is required by our insurance provider and provides limited liability protection for the signee.  We've done our best to make this as minimal an effort as possible.  Non-members are not provided coverage under STCC's Participant Accident Insurance and ride completely at their own risk.  This waiver must be signed EACH time you ride (eg. if you are riding the Thu Night Rider and Sunday Recovery, you will be required to sign a waiver both times).

STCC Members have agreed to this waiver at the time of joining or renewing and therefore are only required to agree to the conditions once per year.  At no additional cost, STCC Members and "first time" participants on rides are covered under our Participant Accident Insurance.  This is a supplemental policy which (within the defined limits) covers excess costs in the cases where they are involved in an accident during a club ride.  This coverage is a little publicized, but tremendous benefit of membership to those individuals.  Policy details can be provided to STCC Members on request.

STCC Ride Leaders will have the waiver forms and ask for signature prior to participation.  If you decide not to sign the waiver, which is your right, you will not be allowed to participate in the ride.  Attached is a copy of the waiver for you to download and review.

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Waiver Downloads

>> STCC Waivers: Standard Liability Waiver

note: Covid-19 waiver requirement removed by STCC Board of Directors, May 16, 2020


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