CANCELLED! Spring Century 2018

Spring Century 2018 CANCELLED!  Unfortunately, the Texas weather is not cooperating with us this year.   We are looking at windchills in the low 20s at ride start time and your Board of Directors has decided to pull the plug on our 2018 version of our Spring Century.   Our regular rides will roll on Saturday for those that want to brave the temps for a shorter ride.


Wheels Down: Saturday, April 7, 2018  7:30 am
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Mark that date.   We are going to be travelling for the start of this one.  Last year we had a fantastic turnout on our loops - this year, it is one BIG loop.  We'll be offering multiple paces and distances and even gravel groups.   I think you'll love the start location (Preston Trail Farms) - be a little challenge getting out of the parking lot, but once out our 100 mile groups will be headed to Oklahoma border and back (eventually).

Visit here often as we are still finalizing routes.

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non-riding Volunteers Needed



What should you bring?

STCC will be providing minimum SAG pickup.  We will also have a tent setup with some snacks and drink.  Our designated stops are businesses and not there for our pleasure.  Use the restrooms, refill your water, but please BUY SOMETHING (even if its just a pack of gum).

All STCC ride rules are in effect.  This is NOT a rally, but an organized group ride.  No Drop.  No getting into the aerobars. No earbuds (NONE).  You are, as always, considered a vehicle on the road and are expected to obey all traffic laws.

You should come prepared:

  • bring tubes, CO2 and tools necessary to fix a flat or minor mechanical.
  • Ensure your bike is maintained and in good working order
  • Bring your own nutrition and drink.  Gu, Hammer Gel, PB&J - whatever your experience tells you that may be necessary.
  • Ride starts at 7:30.

Last of all - MAKE SMART CHOICES when selecting groups.  The distance for this group ride is more than normal.  Going for distance, not speed - pace yourself.


Ride Rating - See Chart 

To help you make the “good choice” when selecting a Shawnee Trail Cycling Club ride, we have made an attempt to rate each ride based on a combination of factors.  We have selected what we consider the most important criteria, including pace, distance and terrain.

Please take into account that these ratings are based on someone of average fitness.  If your fitness is above or below the average participant, you may find these rides much easier or far more difficult to complete.

For example when looking at the Saturday CPS C pace group, it has a pace of C (3) + a distance of 45mi (4) + rolling hills throughout the ride (5) for a total overall rating of 12

Cycling STCC Spring Century 2017 Ride Rating


We are starting out Spring Century 2018 from Preston Trail Farms, north of Celina High School.  This will give us great access to roads that we rarely, if ever, get to ride.  The 100 mile groups will be heading to the Red River, peek over at Oklahoma, and make their way back home.   The store opens at 6am, and their cafe will be serving breakfast ($).  After the ride, you can sit in the shade on the back porch, enjoy a burger and maybe even visit their petting zoo out back.

Its going to be a great day!

We'll also have some special things for those that complete the 100K and the full century.  If you don't think this will get you ready for the BikeMS, Tour de Cure or any other ride you may have planned this year!

For questions about the ride, contact us

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Start Location

The ride will start from the parking lot of Preston Trail Farms, 15102 TX-289, Gunter, Texas 75058.  See the map below for an overview of our assigned area.

Be respectful, no trash and park away from the store so as not to interfere with their regular customers - its a BUSINESS.  Remember, we are guests here.  Only park in the designated areas.


Cycling STCC Find the Route


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