Scottish Rite 2022 Fundraiser Silent Auction

If you thought we had a good silent auction last year, check this out!  The community has really stepped up with donations to help us raise money for the Scottish Rite Children's Hospital.   These items can be yours, assuming you have the highest bid (and have met the minimum bid requirement).  This year, bids will be accepted online only and will end Saturday!   Winners will be contacted and announced after the event.  Payment required.   If the winner declines or doesn't make payment, we'll reach out to the next highest bidder for that item.

Here's the list so far!  This list will be updated periodically, so visit often.  We even have some pics for you to preview what you're bidding on.   We do reserve the right to add items at any time.

BIDDING HAS BEGUN!  Scan the QR Code or click the button below to browse the available items and GOOD LUCK!

Browse Available Items and BID!


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