Love Your Ride Leader Month

February is Shawnee Trail Cycling Club's Love Your Ride Leader Month!

Cycling STCC Love Your Ride LeaderDoes your favorite Ride Leader go the distance?

Is there a ride leader who shows up every week and never let’s you down?

One who stays behind to make sure you're safe when the pack has surged?

Maybe one who serenades your pain away on tough climbs?

Or pulls you through the windiest days?


STCC Ride Leaders do a lot to show they care about us. So that’s why, we’re spending the month of February to show them how much we care about them!  Every one of our Ride Leaders are true volunteers, not only to be there on the ride, but are trained to handle all the various issues that might come up.  What happens if there's an accident? What if someone gets ill?  What if you're having a bad day - can't keep up with the group, but need someone to make sure you get back home?  They willingly give up their ride to ensure the safety and fun for all others.

What is a Shawnee Trail CC Ride Leader?

Take time this month to let your ride leader know how much you appreciate them. A pat on the back … a home-baked cookie … or just a simple "thank you" goes a long way for those who go the distance for us.

Oh, and we're always recruiting caring and compassionate people to help!  If you're interested, give your Ride Leader a hug and let them know you'd like to do your part to keep this club the best around!

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