Will we ride tomorrow? Shawnee Trail CC’s Answer

When the weather is not nice and sunny, it's not unusual for those new to our rides, or those that don't know how crazy some of our members are to ask - "Are we riding tomorrow?". It might be raining, or cold or high winds predicted. Well, awhile back I came up with this simple chart to help people know when we're not on the road. You'll notice that's not very often, given conditions here in North Texas. We don't normally experience the extremes of winter weather that the rest of the country does. That's what makes this region such a wonderful place for cycling. So, stick your toes outside, check the chart and you decide if you're nuts enough to join us every time we go out. We always guarantee a good time. Just Ride Your Bike!

Cycling STCC We Ride 2010-02-22

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