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Whining is one of life’s simple pleasures.  Our team creates and curates over a hundred whines, and makes the experience of exploring whining easy and pleasurable

All of our Whines have all been handcrafted for you by our STCC Members, an added personal touch

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Our current list of available fine Whines!

  1. Its too HOT
  2. Its too WINDY
  3. Its rains too much
  4. It doesn't rain enough
  5. In todays world - Mom, he's touching me!
  6. There are too many cars
  7. Do we have to ride this route?
  8. Its too early
  9. There are more than 10 people in my group
  10. Two people in my group is not enough
  11. That person is not holding their line
  12. He/She is too fast for this group
  13. I'm hungry
  14. It's too COLD
  15. He’s on an ebike. It doesn’t count.
  16. he/she isnt pulling their share
  17. he/she is too slow for this group
  18. Why do we do things that way... we should do this instead!!!
  19. Too many hills
  20. Is there a ride today?
  21. WHO decided hills are Go Zones!
  22. We don’t have enough rest stops
  23. Why do we always 2 or 3 rest stops on these 80mile rides?!..we can make it with only 1 stop/break
  24. Yelling “gap”...followed by “all-on” within 30-seconds of each other
  25. “gap”, (10 second pause), “mechanical”.. before anyone can unclip... “all on”
  26. the STCC favorite - Too many rules!
  27. If only STCC did it like XYZ club...
  28. But RL’er, you advertised this ride/route would have a strong tail wind coming home... but we have a cross-tail wind instead! Why!?!”
  29. I wish we would change this route to a new one.
  30. I wish we would change this route back.
  31. This jersey is too small, must have been manufacturer's error!
  32. My brothers bike is broke and I have the only car
  33. I have asthma... can’t breath
  34. big brother is watching
  35. the air quality is terrible that desert sand storm blew in
  36. the heat index is 110
  37. don’t have enough water
  38. have too much water
  39. Passing on your left! Your left! YOUR OTHER LEFT...sure, whatever, passing on your right..
  40. There are too many cars on the road ...
  41. I only have 2 bikes ...
  42. it's hot outside ...
  43. I'm tired of being in the house ...
  44. my bike rack is broken ...
  45. my bike rack is fixed ...
  46. my bike is too heavy to get on the bike rack ...
  47. I want more hills ...
  48. those hills are hard,
  49. I want more flat routes ...
  50. my back hurts ...
  51. my shoulder hurts ...
  52. my knee hurts ...
  53. There’s too much COVID!
  54. This is a 'C' ride. 15-17! Why are we going 23 down this hill?
  55. asking us to answer a survey.
  56. I’m sick of the same routes
  57. Strava followers are watching and my average pace is in decline!
  58. Who’s the RL for this ride??
  59. Stopping...Full Stop...?
  60. Need more DONUTS!
  61. Do we have to ride on this fish trap again
  62. Are they gapping again?
  63. He/She is too skinny for me too draft behind!
  64. My dog ate my bicycle
  65. My wheels are turning
  66. Too many cracks on this road
  67. Getting hit by sweat drops from rider in front
  68. Red light is too short
  69. Rain in the forecast so rides cancelled but never rained!!!
  70. That guy on a gravel/cyclocross bike is faster than me! It's witchcraft! Witchcraft, I say!
  71. Sounds like witchcraft to me.
  72. Is it too bad or good bad that Doug and Wendy Whiner weren't cyclists?
  73. Let’s stop go zones it’s too dangerous
  74. Calling gap when they aren't pedaling.
  75. Yapping while Gapping (credit to Corey Adams)
  76. If you are gapping then you must be yapping
  77. Stop the yap and close the gap
  78. Too many forms to sign.
  79.  #fing 2! SO DONE WITH THE FING WIND
  80. My seat is too high,
  81. my seat is too low,
  82. the mechanic messed up my bike settings,
  83. my bike makes a funny noise,
  84. my tires are inflated too high,
  85. my tires are inflated too low.
  86. So and so talks too much,
  87. so and so doesn’t talk enough.
  88. Their light is too bright
  89. their light isn’t bright enough.
  90. They don’t call out cracks and bumps enough
  91. they call out to many cracks and bumps.
  92. How come they never yell out “all on? it’s ridiculous”
  93. they’re really slowing down my average.
  94. I’m really hungover;
  95. I’m tired
  96. I haven’t been on a ride in x number of days or months
  97. I probably should have gone with the C or D group.
  98. No group rides due to covid.
  99. My clips broke
  100. I only have 10 gears
  101. I've been on Keto for the past week
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