Welcome to our new Clubhouse!

We want to welcome you to Shawnee Trail Cycling Club’s new, and long overdue, home on the world-wide-web.   Same address as always, but we had to tear the old clubhouse down to make room for the new.  We think you’ll like the new digs – more rooms with all kinds of new goodies and the materials we’ve used let us easily add on to accommodate our continued growth.  As with any move, we’ve kept some of the old furniture and bought some new.  We’ll gradually move new things into rooms over time, so visit often.

Tired of the old forum – gone.   Issues with navigation – gone.  Problems with our store – gone.

What’s new?  Let’s take a short tour of your new clubhouse.

New lobby!  When you enter the front door of our new home, we have a new look with the essential information you’re looking for – rides, safety info and news of the most important happenings with the club.

Join.  We’ve made that easy as pie with a beautiful orange knocker on the front door of the new clubhouse.  Just click on that Cycling STCC Web Become a Member“Become a Member” button to join or renew.  Membership payments now default to recurring payments through PayPal (if you don’t want that to happen, you have to turn it off through your PayPal setup).

Cycling STCC Web Site RidesRides.  Check the top right of the site (on any page) and click on the day of your choice or look at the summarized view under All Rides.


Cycling STCC Web Site Social MediaSocial Media.   Want to join/like/connect to our Facebook, Twitter or Google+ pages?  We’ve added new drapes to the lobby so these are easy to find.  Look at the far left side of every page.

Forum.  It’s a new and updated forum.  Our old room had fallen into disrepair with wires and torn wallpaper everywhere.  We’ve fixed the holes, painted the walls and put new locks on the doors.  Hope you enjoy!

Membership Management.  You can now go in and check yourself to find when your membership expires (novel, eh? its on your welcome screen).   No more need to check for reminders of expiration.  You will also get automatic reminders as you approach your expiration date – maybe even a plug if you allow it to expire.  You can update your profile.  Amy loves this one!  Its not been by magic that you’ve had access to our website and forum.  She’s been doing that for you.  You log in to the site, maintain your avatar and decide what information you expose to the world.

Contacts.  No longer do you have to search for and remember emails and hope they get where they’re supposed to go.  Our Contacts page now has a drop down selection for you to communicate all your complements – not a complement?  Hmm…   This is the room for that too!

That’s it for now.  Thanks for coming by and welcome to our new home!  See you again soon!

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