Week #4 Why a club supported group ride?

Knowing you Don’t Have to Ride Home Alone. Relatively unique in North Texas, but not to cycling clubs in general, is STCC’s “no drop” policy on each and every one of our rides. To you, this means if you are having a bad day physically, have a mechanical or for whatever reason you cannot keep up with the group as a whole, we do our best to get you home safely. Sometimes this means slowing the pace of the group and other times it means one of our dedicated Ride Leaders steps back to accompany you to the start. There’s nothing worse than being in a group, where you don’t know the route and you find yourself all alone – leaving you to come up with a Plan B to get home. We have picked up so many cyclists over the years, most new to the area that have gone out with groups and have been left on their own, spending most of the day hopping from one convenience store to another to find their way home. Your safety is paramount on our rides, and this is a huge part of that. A concern that our Ride Leaders and members take very seriously. Safety:Comfort

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