STCC Swap Meet Spring Edition 2016

Have extra bike gear laying around the house gathering dust?  Jerseys that you don't wear anymore - or never did.  Extra cranks, pedals, wheels?  Your "useless" stuff is bound to be someone's treasure!   Turn that unused inventory into cash at our latest STCC Swap Meet.   We’ll be setting up at Richardson Bike Mart in Frisco from 1:00-3:00pm on April 10th.

You must be a current STCC member to set up and sell (no cost), but ANYONE can buy!

Follow the link below to let us know you’re coming and maybe even send us pictures of some of your merchandise.  Over the next week, we’ll put out some teasers to make sure folks know what goodies are going to there!

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    Have any question,  send to General Information on our Contact Us page.

    What's it like to set up?  How about a few pictures from our 2015 Swap Meet!








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