STCC @ Juneteenth Ride Frisco

If you haven't heard, there's a new event in town.   Although there have been informal rides the past couple of years, the Juneteenth ride in Frisco is on everyone's calendar for 2022.   And you just know that you can't have a cycling event in North Texas and not have the support of your club.  You also know from past experience that when we throw our support behind an event, we are ALL IN!   The Juneteenth rides and events are on Saturday, June 18th. 

We will have no STCC rides the day of the event

We do this to encourage you to ride and/or volunteer to help.   We will need your help to be successful at this endeavor.

The rides will be starting from downtown Frisco that Saturday morning

For this event STCC will be

  1. Running and manning one of the three breakpoints.  We would like to have 5-7 volunteers for this.
  2. Manning a table at the start/finish.  To answer questions about STCC and hand out club collateral and giveaways to attendees.  Need a couple for this function.
  3. Running the Ride Marshal program for the event to increase safety and ensure that everyone has the fun time they came looking for...  If you're a Ride Leader, let us know.  This can also be an opportunity for anyone toying with idea of becoming a Ride Leader to experience some of those responsibilities.  Training will be provided and Ride Marshal's do not have to register for the ride.
  4. STCC will host a couple of Zoom calls to help those that may be doing their first rally.   During the call, we will Illustrate what to expect and how to act.  This will increase your enjoyment of the event and provide another layer of safety.
  5. Work with the organizers to help with education for those participating in the Family Ride.

It sounds like a lot and it is, but we know you'll come thru and do your part to make this a successful event!   If you don't want to volunteer, we HIGHLY encourage you to sign up for one of the rides.  There will be distances from 19-53 miles, all inside the Frisco city limits.

Sign me up to help with the Breakpoint

I want to be a Ride Marshal

Signing up for the ride

The organizers have provided a discount code for STCC Members only.  This code will give you $5 off registration and is good thru June 6, 2022. 

Email our Secretary so we can validate your membership and give that code


How do I sign up to Ride?


Past events


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