STCC Facebook Group Changes

As the club has grown your Board has had to take a number of different measures and implement various policies and procedures we’ve felt necessary to ensure the future success of the club.    Early on we established a Facebook group to help promote the club and drive membership.  I’m happy to say IT WORKED!  Recently the board discussed the nature of the FB group and how we’d like it to operate, and what its purpose is to the club.  For the most part we believe its working as intended, and no real changes are necessary.

We do, however believe its time to make it a “Closed” group, rather than a “Public” one.  What does this mean for you?  Well, not a lot.  Currently when you post in the group everything is visible to everyone everywhere even if they are not a member of the Facebook group.  If you post in a thread, it could show up in the newsfeeds of anyone you are friends with.  There are pluses and minuses to that.  By going to a closed group it will limit the posts that show in newsfeeds, and only allow people that have joined the FB Group to see the content of the group.  People will still be able to search for the group, and we will not change the way we allow people to access the group (ie we will still allow non club members to be part of the FB group).

We will make this change in the coming days, but wanted to give everyone a “heads up” first.  Again, from a user stand point you should not see any difference, we have simply made a decision to manage the FB group in a slightly different manner going forward.


STCC President

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