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What is that, you say?   Build a Better Block?  Saturday, October 29, Team Build a Better Block will be transforming the streets around RoughRider Stadium in Frisco to become, if only for a day, extreme Bicycle and Pedestrian friendly.

These events, using popup businesses, temporary bike lanes, food trucks and lots of smiling volunteers, demonstrate what it would be like to have some streets where fast moving cars aren’t the dominant landscape.  Our club is supporting this event through provision of a Family Bike Ride, manning a popup booth and running a Bike Valet.  It’s a lot of fun, but takes volunteers.  You’ll get instructions on required duties, but please contact us if you have any questions (use the form at the bottom of the page).

This event has been funded by the City of Frisco - showing their support for you and your lifestyle in our fair city!  Show them the support they deserve for believing in you!

STCC Popup Booth - Evangelize STCC and Cycling!

Bike Valet - Check in and take care of everyone's bicycle, cooler while they walk the event

Family Bike Ride - Short, STCC escorted ride to take families in the area around the event!


The event organizers are also encouraging everyone to attend their workshops, which will be held from Thu, Oct 27 through Sat, Oct 29.   We need you to do two things, first register so you can let us know what you will do specifically for STCC and second – you need to do a quick volunteer signup for the Better Block event.


Click BOTH buttons below – and thank you for stepping up!

STCC Frisco Better Block Support

Frisco Better Block Volunteer Signup (Required)

To no one’s surprise, Shawnee Trail Cycling Club is playing a part in this event doing helping you do  what we do best – Just Ride Your Bike!   We’ll have a booth, right next to the popup Richardson Bike Mart.  We'll have all our regular rides and might even let each of you get a taste of the buffered bike lane, before you hit the road!

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