STCC Bike Month Facts #4 Frisco SuperDrome

Yes, it's "all things cycling" for National Bike Month.  We're very fortunate in the Frisco area to have one of the few velodromes in the country to accommodate those that love racing on the track.  Built 1998, the Frisco SuperDrome is one of the premiere track cycling facilities in the country.  It is only one of two 250 meter tracks and one of only three wooden surfaced tracks in the United States.  Most, like Alkek Velodrome in Houston have a concrete surface.  The Frisco SuperDrome is located at 9700 Wade Blvd, on the campus of the Collin County Community College in Frisco.

The track schedule includes weekly races and club training.  Admission for spectators is FREE, so please stop by, sit and watch some of the most unique and quality track cycling in the country!

Track Facts

The Frisco Superdrome is a 250 meter oval, with the banks on each end angled at 44 degrees. The straight-aways are banked at 13 degrees and the track surface is made of marine grade plywood.

You are required to use a special bicycle in order to ride on the track. The track backs are single gear, fixed gear and have no brakes. “No gears, no brakes, no coasting”. Most track bicycles also make use of tubular type tires, as the clincher tires used by many regular road bikes could separate from the rim due to the stress encountered as you travel around the track.

The Superdrome is open year-round, weather permitting, and plays hosts to both national and local competitions. Additionally, Individuals and teams use the Superdrome for training. The general public is also welcome to use the facility for training and for corporate events and meetings.

For fees, event and training schedules, visit the SuperDrome site.


The Superdrome is a joint partnership between the City of Frisco and Collin County Community College District (CCCCD). In the early 1990’s the city of Frisco was approached by EDS with a vision for a premier sporting venue that elevate the visibility of Frisco.  Once constructed, the facility has hosted many national events, including,

  • 1999 UCI World Cup Track Racing Championship,
  • 2000 U.S. Olympic Trials,
  • U.S. Paralympics Trials,
  • Elite National Track Racing Championships,
  • NCAA Collegiate National Championships,
  • U.S. National Cup Racing, and
  • Masters National Track Racing Championships

The SuperDrome has former Olympic and world class athletes that regularly train in the facility.  This facility is maintained by 100% volunteer labor.  There is much more to the background and history of this facility, but I promised to keep these posts brief, so....

Development Class

Before you can train or race at the Superdrome, you must take a certification class, commonly referred to as the Development Class. Once completing this 4 hour class, you receive a certification, which qualifies you to race as a Cat-4 track racer and allows you to train at the track any time. The class does have a minimal cost and you can rent one of the fleet of bikes available.

Please, support this fantastic facility!  

Follow the links below for information and a little history.  

Cycling at the track is a great workout - there's even a Strava segment for it!

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