STCC Bike Month Facts #15 Ride of Silence

Ride of Silence

When speaking about the bicycle and its use for transportation or training, the discussion eventually comes around to the talk of safety and the sometimes tragic consequence of combining a two very disparate modes of transportation. One that involves a self-powered vehicle weighing maybe 20 pounds and travels 15-20 mph, with one that involves a vehicle weighing several thousand pounds traveling at speeds as much as 70 mph. When there is a collision, without a doubt, the bicycle loses – EVERY TIME.

The Ride of Silence was first held in 2003 in Dallas, Tx, following the death of endurance athlete Larry Schwartz. That first year over 1,000 cyclists participated in this solemn event. These rides have no registration and no fees, with no purpose other than to draw attention to the dangers faced by cyclists on the road every day.

Today, according the Ride of Silence website, there are now 368 Events, in all 50 States and in 26 Countries around the world. Every cyclist has been touched by the injury or death of a fellow riding buddies. Remembering those that have fallen is the first step in the continued effort to provide safer roads and increase awareness.


Please follow the Ride Smart link below. There are many things we as cyclists can do to make ourselves more visible, even to the most distracted driver. Comments are always welcome.

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