STCC at the Collin Classic 2018

STCC is back at the Collin Classic! STCC will be running the BEST Breakpoint for this popular rally.  This has been one of the most successful outings for your club over the last few years and we want to keep it rolling.

We’ll have iced watermelon for everyone coming through, courtesy our great friends at Market Street.  But, best of all, people will get to see the bright, smiling faces of all our volunteers.

Sunday Watermelon

We need your help to make this a success. This club runs on our volunteers.  We need sign holders and traffic control (for the bikes).  We need people to cut the melon, set up banners and keep the food and drink refreshed to ensure participants in the rally have a safe and fun day out!


Oh, and most of our volunteers come from the rides that we run on that day.  You’ll leave our regular spot at CTEC in Frisco, pretty early in order to make it to the breakpoint in time to help.  You’ll spend a couple of hours onsite and then hop back on the bike and head home.

You get to see the smiling thankful people at the first rest stop of the rally.  The people that stop here are ones doing their first rally, first road ride, riding with their family and they are excited have you brighten their day and offer the encouragement needed to finish the ride.  Great day all around – all that AND if you want you get the chance to ride your bike with THE best club around – Shawnee Trail Cycling Club.

Join us and please let us know you plan to come!  Registering is of course, free but it gives us an idea of our additional volunteer needs.

Register Here


UPDATE Jun 12: This Saturday is the Collin Classic rally. A refresher as to the goings on for that day.

As we've done for the past 8 years, in support of this rally, STCC cancels our rides so that those not volunteering are encouraged to sign up.

We will be running a breakpoint, we have the first breakpoint (and last 🙂 ) this year. We always like the early breakpoints because that’s where you see the cyclists that really, really appreciate you being there. These are families, first time rally riders and folks that just don't ride that much and want to get on their bike. Those are smiles that stick with you.

We are providing 15 Ride Marshals for the ride this year.   Look for these people on the course and say Hey!

Schedule (departure/end times are “worst case”)

6:00am CTEC Volunteer Ride Departure time

6:30am Setup begins at the breakpoint

7:15am Ride Marshals meet at the pre-determined location at the Amphitheatre.

8:00am Volunteer ride arrives at breakpoint (Frank McMillan Jr High School, 1050 Park Blvd, Wylie, TX 75098)

1:00pm Volunteer ride departs for home

2:00pm Tear down at the breakpoint


  1. Lora Hornberger

    Hello Joel, Blair and I would like to volunteer at the STCC. Could we ride to the rest stop from the start and do we need to sign up for the Collin Classic to do so?

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