Spring Forward 2015 Ride Time Changes

Can you believe we’re already here? With the late season winter blast, we sometimes forget that Spring will come and bring with it all the great riding of the season. Rally’s, club rides, events and best of all – short sleeve jerseys.

First thing on the agenda. The time change is Sunday, March 8th. What do I do, you say? Same questions every year – do I Spring forward, fall back or just give up for another day?


That’s right. Same options as always. You can move your clock ahead an hour before you go to bed OR set your alarm for 2am, get up and change all the clocks then. Whichever you choose, we’ll see you at the start on Sunday morning.
Which brings me to the other change for Sunday morning. As we do every year with the time change, we move the start time for Recovery, Hangover and TRec from 8:30am to 8:00am.

Ride Start Time Change

Let the whining begin!

Yes, there is always a group of people that ride with us on Sundays that, twice a year, love to vent about the time change. In the fall it’s “Why are you moving the time back? I like getting back early” and this week it will be “I’m losing a half hours sleep, are you kidding me?”. So, venters please vent – I’ve even set up a special email for you to send your whining thoughts – ILovetoWhine . We welcome your input, but the start times will change.

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