Let’s Beat the Heat on Saturdays!

An overdue change to our Saturday ride start times, approved by your Board to help fight the Heat of the Beast of Summer!   Over the past few years we've watched Saturday participants suffer and even be transported to the hospital due to the effects of the heat towards the end of our Saturday rides.   So, this year, starting Saturday June 2, all our Saturday rides, including our Rocky Road Gravel Ride, will arrive in the parking lot 30 minutes earlier, getting you inside before the worst of the heat can put its thumb on you..  To make that happen, all rides will roll at 7am!    The other advantage to the early start is wind in the Texas summer.   Usually there's very little wind early in the morning.

We haven't determined exactly when the times will return to 7:30am.  That will depend on how hot the summer is and available daylight in the morning, but will be sometime in August.

You'll get several other reminders this week, but mark that calendar for Saturday, roll out of bed and have a cooler ride on us!  That does not mean you don't need to prepare for the heat.  Always take care, hydrate, dress well.

Sunday morning rides will remain at the 7:30am start time through the summer

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