June 2021 Club Meeting

Our mantra for the summer of 2021 seems to be IT'S TIME!  Another sure sign that life is headed back to a sense of normal is that STCC is resuming our monthly club meetings with a "Let's get Acquainted" session at the Frisco Rail Yard, a great outdoor venue!   We have so many members new to this organization, many new to cycling and to group rides.  This venue provides us with a place that we can get together, talk, laugh, eat and drink and still afford the room if needed for any social distancing requirements some may have.  We hope you'll join us!


There is a full bar available and several food trucks will be onsite.  We'll have to watch the schedule to see exactly which ones will be available for you to purchase food.  A few of your Board members and Ride Leaders will likely be there as well as some of our club sponsors.   We'll have some information about event plans for this year including what we are planning for Hotter n Hell, Big Dam Bridge, Pink Out and the return of our popular Holiday Party!

There's plenty of parking, but if you want to RIDE to the event, the Frisco Rail Yard has provided us with space to set up a couple of bike racks so you can hang your bike while you visit with your club members.

If you have questions about the event, feel free to reach out [Click Here].

Book the date!  Saturday June 19 from 2:30 till..  when we're done!

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