Hollyhock Bike Safety Event

Rescheduled!  Come join us at our Platinum Sponsor, Hollyhock, for an event this Saturday, October 28th @12:30pm.   This meeting will have several things to do with bike safety and we'll have some information to make it easier for you to get out on the road and trail this winter.  If you can't make it right at 12:30, please come on out as we'll be there for awhile.  Might even be a food truck there with other things for the kids.

Kids Bike Rodeo

We’ll be setting up an fun obstacle course for the kids in the neighborhood.  They’ll learn bike control, stopping and starting properly from a stop sign or light, and how to ride defensively and watch for those cars.   They might even get to participate in a race, although not the kind you might think.

Adult Bike Safety

This will be brief but will include rules of the road, some best practices and what you can actually be expected by law to do on your bike.

Cold Weather Riding

Our annual presentation and discussion around riding in the cold weather is always a hit.  We not only cover the basic clothing you’ll want to have handy, but those of us that have been doing this for awhile will always be happy to share our favorite tricks to make even the coldest weather bearable.  One thing about it, if you ride through the entire winter, your friends that sat on the couch or spin-bike all winter will be envious.

We'll be looking for some volunteers to help with the kids.  If you've never done one of our Bike Rodeos, you have definitely been missing out.  See you there!

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