Election Results

If you've been hiding in a hole and haven't yet heard, our elections completed over the holidays.   Tremendous participation, and for that we thank you.  You're helping make this club better.

To recap, the proposed changes to our Bylaws all passed.  Changes included the separation of the offices of Vice President and President, making them independently elected positions.  Prior to the change, you elected a Vice President and that person would automatically transition to President.

The second, and very important change, allowed you to cast your vote electronically.  This greatly increased participation this year and makes our club more representative.

Our Current Bylaws can be found on the FAQ page of our website, under the Organization tab.

Election Results

You can see the full list of current Board members on our Contact Us page, but here are the changes for 2016.  Many thanks to all those participating in the process.

AmySTCCHeadShotAmy Puckett (President)

Thank you to everyone who voted for me for the position of President of Shawnee Trail Cycling Club. I have enjoyed being Membership Director for the last two years and am excited to take on new responsibilities for the club. I have some pretty big cycling shoes to fill based on who I'm following. Both Joel Hoback and Bill Woodard have given much of their time over the years to make this club what it is today. I am honored to ride in their tire tracks.

I look forward to working with both existing and new board members this year.

I can’t wait to see what the new year holds. And remember … Just Ride Your Bike.

Doug SwantekDoug Swantek (Vice President)

Doug Swantek lives in The Colony where he is a Financial Analyst with Michaels Stores, Inc, He is a native of Eastpointe Michigan and a graduate of The University of Phoenix of Dallas. He and his wife Susanna, a professional musician and currently a piano instructor share a beautiful daughter from Doug’s previous marriage.  On two wheels Doug is referred as the person who never shifts and just powerhouses up the hills.  That never stops him from helping make others stronger with his motivating words or slowing down to ride with whoever may be falling to the back of the group while cheering them onto the finish.  Since joining the Shawnee Trail Club in April 2009, Doug has remained very outspoken about making the club great and has shared his deep rooted passion for cycling - even through an occasional wrong turn (every now and then).

Gina BraatGina Braat (Director Membership Services)

My name is Gina Braat and I joined STCC in the fall of 2013 at the “gentle” urging of my husband, Will, a veteran STCC member.   “Come on”, he said, “it’s really fun, you’ll meet some great people, and it’s great exercise”.  Outside,  30-40 miles on a microscopic hard bike seat, gale force winds, three digit temperatures, hot asphalt, angry Texas drivers…..not exactly my idea of a good time.

I didn’t begin consistently riding until spring of 2015, when I was diagnosed with a “wonky” right hip, which meant I could not engage in high-impact activity.  I now consider myself a veteran with a cumulative 4,200 miles under my feet.  I have pedaled those miles talking, laughing, and whining with a terrific bunch of people.  Will was right. Cycling is great exercise, and doing with with great people makes it FUN!

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