Dove Season 2017 and Cycling  – Ride Smart, Be Safe

Seems only a year ago…

Dove hunting is season is upon us again and this is our annual list of information and tips – specifically for cyclists.   This is the time of year we hear gunshots in the distance, or much closer, as we’re on our ride through the lovely countryside of North Texas, and wonder – why are we here?

Truth is, there’s not much danger to you on your bike as long as you remain aware of your surroundings and follow some very simple rules.

The shot used by most hunters is small, but can pierce skin as far away as 130 yards.  The good news for the cyclist is that seldom do we ride close enough to the hunters that this is an issue.  Even if hunters are close to the road, their aim is out towards the fields, where the birds are – and not towards you.

Our advice to you, especially during hunting season, is to ensure you’re wearing glasses on your ride and, for heavens sake – do not look up.   Your biggest risk of injury is from falling shot.  Although the hunters aren’t aiming at you, in years past we have encountered shot falling from the skies.  Other than protecting your eyes, this shot is not likely to cause injury.

In the end, things sound more threatening than they actually are.  Wear your glasses, be aware and – again – don’t look skyward – and your ride will be as safe during dove hunting season as it is the rest of the year.

A little information about the hunting season.

Dates: We are in the North Zone, where dove hunting is legal Sept. 1 - Nov 12, 2017 & Dec. 15 - Dec 31, 2017.

Time of Day: Legal hunting hours are 30 minutes before sunrise until sunset.

Frisco: City information and map links

McKinney:  City information and maps

Prosper: Press Release from Prosper Police



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