Do You Like Change?

If you are one of those individuals that cringes with any kind of change in your life - then this really is not the weekend for you.  Sorry, but this is a weekend of changes.

First Change (Set those clocks)

Sunday morning at 2am, Daylight Savings Time ends.   Set that clock back an hour before you go to bed and enjoy an extra hours sleep.

Second Change (Sunday Morning Rides)

We move to our winter start time for the Sunday morning rides.  All three groups will roll at 8:30am from the normal start location.  Yes, another 30 minutes of sleep!  This will be our start time until March.

Third Change (Sunday FIT)

Major changes for Sunday night's FIT Ride and you are going to love it!

  1. HeartStart time changes to 6:30pm.  It now matches our other four night rides - no more need to do something different
  2. We've OFFICIALLY added an A paced group, led by Mike Spitters and Norm Hughes.  This has been needed for quite some time and those A and Stampede paced cyclists no longer have to worry about getting the pace and workout they want.
  3. FIT B is now being led by Joe Malato and Becky Cronk.  With the A pace group in place, this will be a much more consistent B pace group - so please step out and enjoy!

That's probably enough change for one weekend, see you ALL on the road!

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