Black History Month Kit using Clipt’n

We at STCC are proud to announce the offering of a special edition kit to celebrate Black History Month!  Many thanks to John Oliver for the origin of this offering. In accordance with the 2022 Theme of Black History Month, we are doing our part to support Health and Wellness. No better way than through cycling.

We think you'll be very pleased with this jersey/bib/shorts combo offering which not only allows you to demonstrate your support for this important event, but truly is a sharp look that will show the community one more reason STCC is THE cycling organization for them.

As part of this offering, we are also excited to announce that we are providing this special edition kit thru Clipt'n, a local and fast growing black owned company providing high quality cycling kit.  If you haven't seen their jerseys around, you've missed out.  We are excited about this new partnership.

For the first time ever, this kit is being offered to both members and non-members of Shawnee Trail Cycling Club!   Local pickup only, unless prior arrangements are made.

Please note this is a very limited time offering.  In order to get delivery by February, the store will close at 6pm on Friday!  So, get your purchase in now!

Now, some specifics regarding purchase and delivery of this special edition kit.  In order to receive delivery by February, which is Black History Month, the store will be open a very limited time.  Given that, you will want to order early.   Our store will open Sunday, January 2 and will close end of day Friday, January 7.    So be sure to get your order in soon.

Store is Closed for this Kit

Store has reopened thanks to our friends at Clipt'n and will close end of day Wednesday January 12.

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