Bike Month 2020

Welcome to Bike Month 2020!  We, along with the League of American Bicyclists, BikeTexas and many, many others across the country set aside the month of May to highlight our love of the bicycle.  Dealing with Covid-19, we’ve found ourselves spending more time with our family and that has resulted in a tremendous increase in the number of people we see on bikes.  Just ask our Local Bike Shops!  More kids with their parents.   People pulling bikes off the wall in the garage, getting years of dust scraped off and putting the pedals of their lovely machines under their feet, where they belong.  Please take time to offer words of encouragement when you see these family groups or solo riders out!

Especially during these uncertain times, we’ll be celebrating Bike Month.   Although a little different from usual, we’ll have special events that take Social Distancing into account.  We’ll be sharing some of the history of the bicycle and places and ways you can enjoy your favorite activity in a responsible manner.  Photos are encouraged as you are on your Socially Distanced rides.  Show us where you are.  Play a little “Where am I?” with a picture and encourage people by sharing your routes.  We’re, as we’ve always been, #inthistogether.

The League is also celebrating a little differently this month.  More details here.

May is also the time of recognition of a couple of other things.   Very appropriately, it is also Mental Health Month.  With all the chaos in our lives brought by this crisis in unemployment, at home education, concern about contagion, illness, we need each other and the professionals trained to help us find some calm in our lives.  Riding your bike is a proven way to improve your mental health.

May is also National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month.  Motorcycles share a lot of the same road safety concerns with we, as cyclists.  When you pass motorcyclists on the road, as we often do, give them a shout out!

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