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STCC Bike Month Facts #12 Penny Farthing
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Penny Farthing We'll step back today and take a look at one of the more interesting versions of the bicycle.  This bicycle has been known as the "high wheeler", the "high wheel" and eventually as the Penny Farthing.  I'm sure … Read More

Memorial Day Ride 2017
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Come one, come all!  Our annual Memorial Day Ride is back and again headed to one of our favorite cycling locales.   We are headed back to Aubrey and yes, that means Mom's after the ride!  Important note for this … Read More

STCC Bike Month Facts #11 Bike Lanes
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Bike Lanes Bike lanes are defined as "a portion of the roadway which has been designated by striping, signing and pavement marking for the preferential or exclusive use by bicyclists".   There is much debate, even in the cycling community … Read More

STCC Bike Month Facts #10 Ride Smart
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Ride Smart A car hits a cyclist. The first inclination of any of us that share the passion of cycling is to blame the driver. In truth, some of the accidents can be blamed on the motorist; on the phone, … Read More

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