STCC Facebook Group Changes


As the club has grown your Board has had to take a number of different measures and implement various policies and procedures we’ve felt necessary to ensure the future success of the club.    Early on we established a Facebook group to

Week #4 Why a club supported group ride?

Knowing you Don’t Have to Ride Home Alone. Relatively unique in North Texas, but not to cycling clubs in general, is STCC’s “no drop” policy on each and every one of our rides. To you, this means if you are

Gacki’s Gospel #1 Paceline Advice

Rotating Paceline

While discussing the subject of ride etiquette, I would like to breach the subject of steady, consistent pace lines. Here are a few things to consider as you roll through the paceline….. Stay smooth and DON’T surge…..what I mean by this

Safe Passing United States

Safe Passing Laws by State and Territory States that have no safe passing laws or ordinances Alaska, California, Washington D.C., Hawaii, Iowa, Kentucky, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Puerto Rico, South Dakota, Vermont, West Virginia, Wisconsin and

Cranky Tue Start Move July 7 ONLY!

There is an international soccer game being played at Toyota Stadium this week, July 7th.  Because of this, we are moving our ride start – this week only – to the Warren Sports Complex.  Same start time and we’ll follow

Gold Sponsor Bill Shirer

Bill Shirer is an attorney who rides, races and represents cyclists.  He currently races with McKinney Velo and competes in the 50+ category (top five TXBRA last five years).  Before bike racing, he competed in approximately 125 triathlons, and was

Frisco NW Community MTB Trail

Welcome to the Home Page for the Frisco Northwest Community Park Trail  The trail was approved by the Frisco City Council on July 31, 2012 and is located on approximately 50 acres north of Lone Star High School (Teel and