Gold Sponsor Bill Shirer

Bill Shirer is an attorney who rides, races and represents cyclists.  He currently races with McKinney Velo and competes in the 50+ category (top five TXBRA last five years).  Before bike racing, he competed in approximately 125 triathlons, and was

Frisco NW Community MTB Trail

Welcome to the Home Page for the Frisco Northwest Community Park Trail  The trail was approved by the Frisco City Council on July 31, 2012 and is located on approximately 50 acres north of Lone Star High School (Teel and

Welcome to our new Clubhouse!

We want to welcome you to Shawnee Trail Cycling Club’s new, and long overdue, home on the world-wide-web.   Same address as always, but we had to tear the old clubhouse down to make room for the new.  We think you’ll

Do you Ride with a “Cloak of Invisibility”?

Growing up, we have all dreamed at one time or another of being able to make ourselves invisible.  Just think of all the things you could see and do, wandering through the world with no one noticing.  What we didn’t

6 Steps to Dressing for Cold Weather when Cycling

Step 1 Keep your upper body warm for the duration of your ride by wearing a long-sleeved cycling jersey or a short-sleeved jersey combined with a pair of arm warmers. Then, add a light-weight cycling jacket for more warmth and wind

It’s a Rally, not a…

Occasionally, we at STCC like to remind cyclists to take a breath, relax and just enjoy a long ride with friends. Often individuals or groups do things on the bike that may sound fun, but in the end are dangerous

STCC Bike Month Facts #16 Brakes

Brakes We all love to GO. Isn’t that why you got your bicycle in the first place? GO to lose weight. GO to get fit. GO to the store. GO fast. GO, GO, GO… But, at some point, you have

STCC Bike Month Facts #15 Ride of Silence

Ride of Silence When speaking about the bicycle and its use for transportation or training, the discussion eventually comes around to the talk of safety and the sometimes tragic consequence of combining a two very disparate modes of transportation. One

STCC Bike Month Facts #13 Bike to Work Week

Bike to Work (May 13-17) Bike to Work Week is the week embedded within National Bike Month that is set aside to demonstrate, promote and celebrate all those that choose the two wheeled, “turn the tech off” approach to getting

STCC Bike Month Facts #12 Bicycles in Flight

Bicycles in Flight If not for the bicycle, there’s a chance there would have been no early airplane – or we might still be jumping off cliffs trying to get enough takeoff speed. “It is not uncommon for the cyclist…to