Frisco Bike Parking Support

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Councilmen and Mayor,
    I wish to voice my support for the proposed bike parking ordinance (Zoning Case No. ZA16-0001) under consideration at this weeks City Council meeting.
      As you know, providing bike parking at local businesses and developments is a decision that is good for business. Frisco is an active community, filled with residents that are concerned about their health and future. It is also a city populated by a large number of cyclists, young and old. Riding the bicycle improves our health, is good for the environment and has a positive impact on Frisco’s economics. New companies moving to the area are concerned about their employees, their health and lifestyle options and frequently ask about cycling facilities.
        Being able to ride our bicycles to local businesses, knowing that there will be a safe and secure location to leave them while we shop and eat, is one way to encourage that active lifestyle. You can play a key part by helping ensure those parking facilities will exist.
          As a resident and a voter, I encourage you to support this ordinance and allow the cycling community to demonstrate its worth.
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