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Social Interaction!
Don't pass up the chance to follow us on our Forum, Facebook, Twitter or Google+  for current information on club events as well as status of our weekly rides.  These are the only places you'll receive notification of last minute changes and cancellations.

Our Board of Directors

Joel Hoback

Vice President
Doug Swantek

Stefani Forsythe


Peggy Foley


Director Membership Services
Gina Braat

Director Advocacy, Education & Community Relations OPEN POSITION

Ride Coordinator
Mike Dwyer

Other Positions

Website Coordinator, Joel Hoback
Social Communications Director, open
Newsletter Editor, Peggy Foley
Adopt a Street Coordinators, Doug Swantek, Joel Hoback

National Bike Challenge, Local Host Coordinators, Joel Hoback, Jessica Goodell


If you have a question about the committee or, better yet, want to participate, please contact the chairperson for the group you are interested in.

Sponsorship Committee Chair, (open)

Social Events Committee Chair, (open)

Club Clothing Coordinator, (open)

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